• Ethylene Glycol

EG (Ethylene Glycol)

MEG (MONO Ethylene Glycol) DEG (DI Ethylene Glycol)
EG is a primary component in a varieties of products such as
・Polyester Fibers  ・PET Bottles ・Packing/industrial film  ・Solvents ・Anti-Freeze Solutions

Ethylene Glycol Manufacturing Process


MEG TYPICAL PROPERTY VALLUES(If SPEC is required, please contact us)

Appearance - Clear liquid
Color APHA 5 Max.
Specific Gravity 20/20ºC 1.1151–1.1156
Distillation Range(5%)
Moisture Wt. % 0.1 Max.
Iron Content ( as Fe ) Wt. ppm 0.1 Max
Acidity ( as Acetic Acid ) Wt. % 0.005 Max
Ash Content g/100ml 0.005 Max.
Chloride ( as Cl ) Wt. ppm 0.5

Material Safety Data

General description

MEG is rather stable under normal use condition as it does not polymerize or decompose
by itself. It is not classified as flammable but capable to burn.

First-Aid Measure

Refer to SDS

Fire-Fighting Measure

Refer to SDS

Physical & Chemical Properties

Boiling Point
:197.6 ºC
Flash Point
:111ºC(closed cup)
Liquid Density
Vapor Density
Vapor Pressure
:7 Pa ( 20ºC )

Handling and Storage

Refer to SDS
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