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Our Business

World-class production facilities


The company name "SHARQ" means "east" in Arabic. This not only reflects the company's location in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, but also symbolizes the friendship between Saudi Arabia and its Far Eastern partner, Japan.

SHARQ started production of Mono Ethylene Glycol and Liner Low Density Polyethylene since 1985. After three times expansion and newly startup of High Density Polyethylene, current annual production capacities are 1.40 million tons of Mono Ethylene Glycol and 1.55 million tons of Polyethylene, one of the largest in the world respectively.

In the 1st to 3rd phase plans, ethylene production facilities are jointly owned between SHARQ and Petrokemya, and in the 4th phase plan, SHARQ has owned ethylene production facility alone.

Through these facilities, SHARQ can secure stable and low-cost ethylene supply based on competitive raw materials in Saudi Arabia. SPDC recognizes that SHARQ's mission is "to supply high quality products to the satisfaction of customers through safety, efficient and profitable operation with excellent employees and quality control system". SPDC continues to make contribution through various technical supports to realize the SHARQ's mission.

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Expanding the world-wide sales network

SPDC was founded under the framework of the national project and has supported the Joint Venture company SHARQ in establishing world-class petrochemical plants and maintaining its stable operation by means of provision of the necessary capital, and technical and managerial assistance, including training with cooperation of Japanese petrochemical companies. In the marketing sphere, SPDC receives almost one-third of SHARQ products and markets them mainly in China, India, Japan and Southeast Asia (including South Korea and Taiwan).

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